ATTRACT 2012: Call for Proposals

Contact at the FNR: Frank Glod, PhD

The ATTRACT Programme aims to build on the excellence, dynamism and creativity of research in Luxembourg by attracting young researchers with a high level of ability in science or technology and proven experience in a professional research context.

The programme is designed for researchers not yet established in Luxembourg; it offers them the opportunity to set up an independent research team within a public-sector research institution in Luxembourg that is willing to host them. Research proposals should be submitted jointly by the candidate and the host institution.

Projects submitted should be innovative and of high scientific quality. Candidates must be able to show that they have gained a minimum of two and a maximum of eight years’ professional experience since successful completion of doctoral studies. Projects selected under the ATTRACT programme have a lifespan of five years and the financial contribution by the FNR will be up to EUR 1,500,000.

The National Research Fund launches annual calls for proposals.

The ATTRACT 2012 Call has the following deadlines:

  • 6 February 2012 (14:00 CET): Joint submission by the candidate and the Luxembourg host research institution of a pre-proposal form with a brief project description
  • Up to 3 weeks after the pre-proposal deadline: The FNR invites candidates to submit a full proposal
  • 2 April 2012 (14:00 CET): Full proposal deadline
  • End of May-June 2012 (date tbd): Evaluation panel meeting and interviews
  • 25 June 2012: Funding decision by the FNR and information of candidates

The exact panel date will be published on the FNR website and will be communicated to the applicants in due time.

To access to the ATTRACT Programme Description & Guidelines for Applicants, click here.