AFR in Brief


Since 2008, the FNR funds doctoral and postdoctoral candidates under the AFR (Aides à la Formation Recherche) scheme in Luxembourg and abroad.

The scheme currently undergoes a major reform.

Reform concerning the PhD grants

The new FNR law adopted in summer 2014 has introduced AFR block grants in addition to the individual grants.

Thus, the AFR scheme has been adapted, aligned to the strategic objectives of the FNR performance contract, and will in the future comprise the following strands:

  • A new block grant scheme for PhD, named PRIDE, that will be implemented through calls every two years, the first call being launched on 4 May 2015.
  • An adapted individual grant scheme for PhDs in Luxembourg and abroad, with one annual call. The first call will be launched at the end of 2015.
  • An adapted scheme for Public-Private Partnerships at doctoral and postdoctoral level (AFR-PPP-PHD and AFR-PPP-Postdoc), with a pilot call in 2015.

Information on these new strands of AFR will be published as soon as available. 

Reform concerning the Postdoc grants

Under the FNR Performance Contract 2014 – 2017, the AFR postdoc scheme is limited to the AFR-PPP scheme in collaboration with accredited companies based in Luxembourg. Other funding opportunities for Postdocs are offered in the framework of the FNR multi-annual programmes such as CORE and INTER, or through EU or institutional funds.

No major change for ongoing AFR PhD and Postdoc grants

If you have an ongoing doctoral or postdoctoral grant under the AFR scheme, please refer to the monitoring requirements.