Public-Private Partnerships under AFR

Contact at the FNR: Dr. Helena Burg

The AFR scheme supports researchers who carry out their PhD and/or postdoc training in collaboration with an accredited company in Luxembourg.

Calls for Proposals

The AFR-PPP scheme is currently being reformed. A pilot of the new scheme is under development. If you are interested in receiving the most relevant information of the scheme, please contact Dr. Helena Burg

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for support in the framework of a Public Private Partnership under AFR PPP, the collaborating company must be accredited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Both, the public institution or the company, can be the host institution, i.e. issue the employment contract.

Applicants for a doctoral AFR PPP grant must be holders of a University degree allowing them to enter into doctoral training.

Applicants for a postdoctoral AFR PPP grant are eligible up to 8 years after their PhD. In addition, an international or intersectoral mobility is mandatory, i.e. candidates need to undertake their project in another country or sector in which they were occupied 12 out of 24 months before the submission deadline.

Specific Requirements for AFR PPP

The research project is jointly developed by the AFR candidate, the company and the public partner; it needs to be innovative and create new knowledge.

The company plays an active role in the supervision and the training of the PhD/postdoc researcher.

A contract, specifying the contributions of each partner to the research project, including an agreement on IPR, needs to be concluded between the public research body and the company.


2015 - Salary Index 775.17

PhD (max. 4 years)

Postdoc (max. 2 years)

max. AFR contribution to employment contracts (including employers’ charges)

44,030 EUR/year


62,169 EUR/year