The National Research Fund (FNR) is a public institution by statute (Law of 31 May 1999), and enjoys legal capacity and full administrative and financial autonomy. We are a public body with scientific, financial and administrative autonomy. We are headed by a Board and a Secretary General, with a Scientific Council as advisory body.

The Executive Agency of the FNR is composed of 25 committed collaborators, who are experienced and highly qualified experts with a strong track record in science and research management, or in the field of science communication.

The overall strategy of the FNR is laid out in a 4-year contract with the Luxembourg Government , which also defines our budget appropriation.

Our Leadership
Executive Head

Our Secretary General and Executive Head is Dr Marc Schiltz, who has been active in research and higher education for more than 20 years in various European Countries, and is a recognised scientist in his field of expertise. Drawing on his international experience, Marc Schiltz has developed a thorough expertise in strategic research management and organisation.

Marc Schiltz heads the Executive Agency of the FNR, manages all running activities and oversees programme development. 

Since joining the FNR as Executive Head in 2011, Marc Schiltz has significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of Luxembourg’s research system, as well as building bridges with the private sector and the international scientific community.

Please see Dr Marc Schiltz’s CV for more information on his professional and academic background. 

The Board

Our Board supervises the organisation and defines the overall priorities of the FNR. The board is appointed by the government and is composed of nine independent directors active in industry, business and the civil society.

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board is  Yves Elsen , Managing Partner & CEO at HITEC Luxembourg SA, and a Board member of several Luxembourgish and international companies. (He is, inter alia, Founding President of the “Luxembourg Group for Air and Space Industry”, President of « ALI-Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs » and a Board member of “FEDIL”.)

Vice Chair of the Board

Vice Chair of the Board is  Veronique Hoffeld , an attorney-at-law (Master’s Degree in International and European Law, University of Paris II; LL.M. International Business Law, London School of Economics). She has been a member of the Luxembourg Bar since 1996. 

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council acts as an advisory body. Appointed by the Government, it is composed of nine international scientific experts.

Chair of the Scientific Council

Chair of the Scientific Council is Prof. Yves Fromes , Professor of Physiology at Paris Universities 6, 7 and 13, associate researcher at the Paris Institute of Myology’s NMR CEA Laboratory and former FNR Scientific Council member.

Vice Chair of the Scientific Council

Vice Chair of the Scientific Council is Prof. Dr Ursula Lehmkuhl , Professor of International History at the University of Trier, and former Vice President and Acting President of Freie Universität Berlin.