Logos and Communication Guidelines

Contacts: Sonia Ramos

Corporate Identity and Communication Guidelines for Beneficiaries

Please consult the documents FNR Corporate Identity Guidelines for Beneficiaries and FNR Communication Guidelines for Beneficiaries before downloading the FNR's logos. Only FNR beneficiaries are authorised to publish the FNR's logo on their documents (print and electronic) and websites. A non authorised or incorrect use of the logo as well as logo modifications are forbidden. Please note that if FNR funding is acknowledged prior to the communication of the FNR's funding decision, applications will be declared as ineligible.


The Communications Team recommends that you use JPEG for Microsoft Office use, EPS for professional print applications and GIF for web use.

For beneficiaries of FNR Research Programmes (Core, Inter, Pearl, Attract), of AFR PhD Grants and of the FNR's Scientific Outcomes Scheme (RESCOM, PSP):

For beneficiaries of AFR Postdoc Grants:

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