European Resesearch Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM)

Contact at the FNR: Dr Andreea Monnat, Ulrike Kohl

ERCIM is a consortium bringing together research institutes of 20 European countries in the field of information technology and applied mathematics.

ERCIM Working Groups

The purpose of an ERCIM Working Group is to build and maintain a network of ERCIM researchers in a particular scientific field. The working groups are open to any researcher in the specific scientific field (for more information, please consult the ERCIM WG Participation Rules ). Their main activities are the organisation of workshops and the preparation of common project proposals. The working groups are also the focus of internal mobility within ERCIM. For Luxembourg participants in ERCIM working groups, click here . For a list of all ERCIM working groups, click here. As calls will be held irregularly, if you are interested in joining a particular Working Group, please send us the WG Participation Form as soon as possible.

ERCIM Grants

ERCIM grants are intended to attract young researchers of post-doctoral level from anywhere in the world to work on a research problem at two research centres in the ERCIM network. Applicants wishing to benefit from these fellowships send their applications at the indicated deadlines (2 per year) to ERCIM using a form which can be downloaded from ERCIM then draws up a list of all applications submitted, together with applicants’ CVs and project proposals, which is then forwarded to ERCIM partner institutions, including the FNR.


ERCIM News is the magazine of ERCIM. It reports on joint actions of the ERCIM partners, and aims to reflect the contribution made by ERCIM to the European Community in Information Technology. Through short articles and news items, it provides a forum for the exchange of information between the institutes and also with the wider scientific community. ERCIM News is published quarterly. To access ERCIM News and find out about the call for the next issue, click here. Researchers from Luxembourg are strongly encouraged to submit their articles. The journal is, in general, organized in 5 main categories:

  •  ERCIM Actions
  •  Special Theme (different each edition)
  •  R&D Technology Transfer (you can submit interesting material that you work on)
  •  Events (you can advertise your workshop, conference, events, etc…)
  •  In Brief (here you can also advertise any news regarding your work, new collaborations, new master diplomas, etc...)

Generally, you can submit any article that underlines the growing IT research environment in Luxembourg, in order to become more visible on an international level. The journal is distributed within 40 countries, and can, practically, reach over 10,000 researchers, scientists and decision makers in the field of information and communication technologies. For further information, please contact Thomas Tamisier.