AFR in Brief


The FNR's AFR Grant Scheme (Aides à la Formation-Recherche) provides funding for PhD and postdoctoral research training projects in Luxembourg and abroad, up to 4 years for PhDs and up to 2 years for postdocs.

The FNR contributes to the improvement of working conditions and career perspectives for researchers, on the one hand by enabling employment contracts between AFR beneficiaries and their host institutions and on the other hand by raising awareness of researchers' rights and responsibilities at an early career stage.

AFR contributes to the development of human resources in Luxembourg R&D, translated in the long term by an increased number of qualified researchers pursuing a research career beyond their period of AFR funding. Particular importance is laid on the selection of high-quality proposals. The FNR sets quality standards for doctoral research training in Luxembourg.

The AFR funding scheme is in line with the principles advocated in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.The AFR postdoc grants receive financial support under the Marie-Curie-Actions of the European Commission.

Moreover, the AFR scheme promotes public-private partnerships (AFR-PPP) by paying an incentive for research projects carried out in collaboration with the private sector.

The AFR programme has no thematic limitations and is open to all researchers, regardless of their nationality, desirous to engage into research training in Luxembourg or abroad. In the selection process, the interest of the project in the context of Luxembourg R&D will nevertheless be evaluated.

Call Activity

The AFR Call 2015-1 will be launched in Mid December 2014!

AFR Call Reference

 Call deadline

 Funding decision

AFR-PDR 2014-2

 9th September 2014
(14:00 CET)

Early December 2014

AFR-PHD 2014-2

 23th September 2014
(14:00 CET)

Early December 2014

List of ongoing AFR Grants per Domain

Last Update: May 2013

Research Career Development

Organised in the framework of the ESF Member Organisation Forum "European Alliance on Research Career Development", the workshop “How to track Researchers’ Careers” on 9-10 February 2012 in Luxembourg brought together some 100 participants from national and international funding organisations as well as research institutions and universities from over 20 countries. Please click on the link below to read the workshop report: