2nd Luxembourg Microbiology Day: 17 May 2018

The Luxembourg Society for Microbiology is hosting the second Luxembourg Microbiology Day on Thursday, 17 May 2017 at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).

Time and location

09:30 – 17:15

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), 41, rue du Brill, L-4422 Belvaux

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09:30 – Welcome to participants

10:00 – Opening speech by LSfM’s President, Dr Jos EVEN – Keynote presentation: From Luxembourg who? To Luxembourg WHO! (Prof Dr Claude P Muller – Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) )

10:45 – 4 selected presentations by post-doc fellows in microbiology

  • An overview on aptamers and their benefits for the detection of microorganisms – Dr Catherine Mulholland – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Extracellular vesicles: Intercellular package or intracellular garbage? The example of RNAs associated to Salmonella outer membrane vesicles – Dr Antoine Malabirade – Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedecine (LCSB)
  • CoMiX immunoconjugates: Novel strategy of destructive tumour cell/bacteria targeting that selectively activates the host complement system – Dr Xavier Dervillez – Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
  • The IMOTEP Project: Developing a weapon to fight antibiotic resistance – Dr Samuel Jourdan – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) 11:45 2nd ordinary General Assembly of the LSfM

12:30 Walking lunch & Poster session

14:00 4 selected presentations by PhD students in microbiology

  • A humanized mouse model of HIV latency as a preclinical tool towards functional HIV cure – Rafaëla Schober – Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
  • Using metagenomics approach to identify Polysaccharide Utilization Loci (PULs) and produce new carbohydrate active enzymes – Marie Bertucci – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • A multi-omic view of invasive genetic elements and their linked prokaryotic population dynamics within a mixed microbial community – Susana Martínez Arbas – Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedecine (LCSB)
  • Gammapapillomavirus in cervical samples by untargeted next generation sequencing – Ardashel Latsuzbaia – Laboratoire National de Santé (LNS)

15:00 Keynote presentation: Systems-level physiological analysis of Pichia pastoris (Komagataella spp): Enabling novel cell engineering strategies for improved recombinant protein production – Prof Dr Pau Ferrer Alegre – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

15:45 Coffee break & Poster session

16:15 Presentation of the FNR-funded Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) MICROH ”Microbes in One-Health”, by LSfM’s Vice-President FNR ATTRACT Fellow Prof Dr Paul Wilmes

16:30 Keynote presentation: The biofilm mode of life: insights from nature – Prof Dr Tom I Battin – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland)

17:15 Award ceremony for the best oral communications (2 prizes of 250€ each)

Closing of the Luxembourg Microbiology Day & Cocktail

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