AFR researchers featured in Humanities radio talk

Several AFR grantees were recently interviewed on the Luxembourg radio channel 100,7 programme ‘Humanities Talk’. Research topics ranged from forced recruitment in WWII to bike sharing and prostitution. All interviews are available as podcasts.

Below is a list of the AFR PhD grant holders interviewed, and their topics:

  • Danièle Wecker (University of Luxemburg) on topic of amateur films in Luxembourg from the 1920s – 1980s
  • Eva-Maria Klos (University of Luxembourg) on topic of forced recruitment in the Second World War
  • Heike Mauer (University of Luxembourg) on topic of prostitution
  • Stefan Heinz (University of Luxembourg – AFR Postdoc), on topic of urbanism during the NS regime and the influence of architect Hubert Ritter
  • Cyrille Médard de Chardon (University of Luxembourg) on topic of Bike Sharing

All interviews are in Luxembourgish.

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