Budget shifting: New procedure

Starting 1 January, 2018, there will be a new procedure for shifting budgets on FNR-funded projects, to allow PIs maximum flexibility with awarded grants.

The FNR aims to allow the project PI maximum flexibility with the money that they are awarded, but requires adequate communication and detail allowing the FNR to track all changes to project budgets. Thus, there are new FNR stated budget shifting guidelines along with a template for budget shift requests (both of which are available below and in the FNR Download Center, in the section General Guidelines).

All budget shift requests should be anticipated and communicated to the FNR as early as possible. The FNR recommends that budgets are reviewed minimally every year before the annual report, so that necessary budget shifting can be performed in parallel with the report. The template should be filled in accurately and with enough detail explaining the requested changes.

If there are any questions regarding budget shifts in your project, please contact the programme assistant for your project.

Budget shifting guidelines

Budget shifting template

Updated guidelines

The updated reporting guidelines are also available on the programme pages and in the Download Center.

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