Chercheurs à l’école cancelled (virtual meetings / meetings at a later stage possible)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Luxembourg Government has decided to close schools for the next two weeks. As a consequence we have decided to cancel the 10th edition of “Chercheurs à l’école”. We do not foresee to re-organise the scheme later this year, therefore the next edition of Chercheurs à l’école will be in 2021. The call for applications will be launched at the end of 2020.

But for all those who nevertheless would love to engage with the students this school year (until mid-July), we encourage you to do this. There are two options:

  • You can organise a virtual meeting (via Skype, Teams, …) with the students, on the date initially foreseen or another date within this school year – if the school and the students are equipped for such virtual meetings. In order to do so, contact your teacher (and possibly the other researcher) and check if and how this would be possible.
  • You can postpone your visit to the class to another date within this school year. Again, in order to do so, contact your teacher (and possibly the other researcher) and check if and how this would be possible.

Note: this is not mandatory, only on a voluntary basis! And please understand that the FNR cannot take care of the organisation of those virtual or new meetings. They have to be organised in agreement between the researcher and the teacher.

In case you engage with the students in a virtual meeting or a meeting at another date: Please inform us after the meeting, so that we can track the number of interventions. The FNR can also reimburse travel costs and hand out certificates of presence. We only need a confirmation mail by the teacher, that the meeting actually took place, virtually or personally.

Please send these mails to:

These times are challenging. But there are also opportunities to explore new ways of exchange. Let’s make the best out of the situation. What’s most important at this stage is that we all stay healthy and take our responsibilities in order to take care of the most vulnerable ones.

Whatever your decision: Thank you for your motivation and your efforts in engaging with students. We really appreciate that and hope that we will get again as many applications for the next edition of Chercheurs à l’école.

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