CIMULACT: National workshop on future research topics

Stakeholders, scientists, and policymakers are invited to participate in a national workshop on what should be the future research topics on the European agenda.  The workshop, taking place on 17 September, is part of the second phase of the CIMULACT project, where research scenarios will be tested.

CIMULACT stands for ‘Citizen and multi-actor consultation on Horizon 2020’. Luxembourg is one of 30 countries participating in the project. The workshop will be using diverse methods and consulting different target groups for validation, enrichment and prioritisation of the research scenarios developed during the first stage of CIMULACT.

The result will be a set of Science and Technology issues and recommendations, which the citizens find most important for the future and which can be fed directly into the processes of setting the scientific course of Horizon 2020.

Researchers and policymakers will transform the results of the second consultation phase into prioritised actions for Horizon 2020, including policy options, possible research topics and recommendations.

The CIMULACT project workshops in Luxembourg are coordinated by 4motion.


Saturday, 17 September

09:00 – 17:00


Oekozenter, Pfaffenthal, Luxembourg City

More information

  • Visit 4motion website to find out how to get involved
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