Contest “Science for everyone!”: Who are the winners? What are their topics?

From the 1 June to the 3 July 2017 was the first edition of the science journalism contest of The jury presents here the winners and their topics!

This first edition was a great experience as the whole team discovered several talented science writers! The level was very high and that’s why we decided to award two first prizes.

1st prize

Martha Elwenspoek, from the Luxembourg Institute of Health tells us more about how a stressful childhood can cause disease (EN).

Barbara Glaser from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology shows us a methodology with thermic cameras for the monitoring of floods (DE).

2nd prize

Alessandro Decarli from the University of Luxembourg explains us the impact of the attachment bond between parents and their children in socio-emotional development in infancy (EN).

3rd prize

Christophe Theiβ, Luxembourg national at the University of Karlsruhe makes us discover the detection of elementary particles called muons with the help of a coffee thermos (LU).

The two first prize winners receive a science journalism course abroad valued at €2,000 and also €500 in prize money. The runner-up wins €250 in prize money and a reserved place on the next FNR media training. The third place brings €125 in prize money and an invitation to participate at a online writing course.

All the articles and their authors’ portraits will be published on from next week!

The contest was open to individuals aged 18 and over working in research and/or innovation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Natural persons who are Luxembourg nationals working in these fields abroad were also eligible.

More info available on  in French and German

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