CORE 2015 Call: Results

For the 2015 CORE call, the FNR commits 17.8 MEUR funding for a total of 31 research projects at the University of Luxembourg, LIST, LIH and LISER.

CORE is the central funding programme of the FNR, with a prime objective to strengthen the scientific quality of Luxembourg’s public research in strategic priority areas.

In order to identify the most promising and most excellent projects, the FNR systematically submits project proposals to an assessment by independent international experts. Among the 131 project proposals that were submitted to the FNR, 31 have been selected for funding by our international expert committees.

The FNR will commit a total of 17.8 MEUR to research projects in priority areas such as New Functional and Intelligent Materials (3.9 MEUR), Information Security and Trust Management (3.3 MEUR), or Luxembourg and European History (1.2 MEUR).


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