FNR Awards Ceremony 2022: Register now!

On Thursday, 20 October 2022, the FNR will host the 14th annual FNR Awards Ceremony. As in 2021, 2022 event will take place at the Maison des Arts et des Étudiants in Belval, and will also be shown via live stream. Register before 10 October and do not hesitate, the event is already 50% full after only a few days!

FNR Awards 2022 | 20 October 2022, 18:30 CET | Maison des Arts et des Étudiants in Esch/Belval. Please note this is a CovidCheck event, please bring your certificate. Rapid tests will also be available on site.

Go to registration page – please note, as of 22 September, the event is already at 50% capacity.

About the FNR Awards

Since 2009, the FNR has held the annual FNR Awards, where researchers and science communicators are recognised for outstanding efforts. Awards are presented in different categories, with each award doted with a 5000 EUR prize. Since 2009, nearly 80 FNR Awards have been awarded to researchers and science communicators in Luxembourg to recognise their contributions.

FNR Awards categories

As of the 2021 FNR Awards, the categories are as follows:

  • Outstanding PhD Thesis
  • Outstanding Scientific Achievement
  • Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public
  • Outstanding Mentor

The 2022 FNR Awards Ceremony hosts are Lisa Burke, and Michèle Weber (FNR).

Why change the categories?

Over 70 FNR Awards have been presented since 2009. Starting with the FNR Awards 2021, the FNR aims to give further credit to the people behind research: the drivers of innovation and societal impact. Therefore, the FNR introduces two new categories, the FNR Award for Outstanding Mentor and the FNR Award for Scientific Achievement.

New: Outstanding Mentor

Mentorship is essential for driving research and helping the next generation of scientists to become independent researchers. Good mentorship goes beyond professional development, shaping individual scientists, impacting scientific careers, as well as passing along positive research values such as research integrity, scientific credibility and fostering a diverse and inclusive research environment. Through the FNR Award for Outstanding Mentor, the FNR wants to recognize outstanding mentorship and reward this important but sometimes unappreciated element of research.

New: Outstanding Scientific Achievement

At the same time, the FNR wants to attribute more value to research projects that shape their scientific field instead of zooming in on a single output such as a scientific publication or a marketable product. The FNR again aims to put the team of researchers at the centre, passionate people that want to make a change through their science and work to generate impact for both science and society.

Therefore, the FNR replaced the two categories Outstanding Scientific Publication and Outstanding Research-Driven Innovation with the new category Outstanding Scientific Achievement. This new award will furthermore help the public to change their perception of a successful researcher from someone who must publish in prestigious scientific journals towards a team that aims to change science and society for the better.

Discover previous editions of the FNR Awards

FNR Awards 2021 – discover the winners!

On Thursday, 21 October, the FNR held the 13th edition of the FNR Awards: 7 researchers/research groups were awarded for their outstanding efforts, across four categories. Discover the winners! Full coverage now available.

FNR Awards 2020: A digital celebration of science & research in Luxembourg

For the 12th time, the FNR held the FNR Awards – the annual celebration of science and research in Luxembourg. For obvious reasons, the normal physical event was simply not possible this year, but this did not stop the celebration from taking place! A solution was found and the event was shifted to 100% digital for the first time. Seven FNR Awards were presented across four categories.

FNR Awards 2020: The shortlists

Thursday, 19 November at 19:00 sees the kick-off of the first ever 100% digital edition of the FNR Awards. Join us this evening as we celebrate science and research in Luxembourg. Ahead of the ceremony, discover the excellent researchers and projects that have made the shortlist in each category. Who are the winners? Watch the … Continued

The story behind the FNR Award trophy

Starting with the 2017 FNR Awards Ceremony, the FNR said goodbye to the ‘ecosphere’ trophies that were previously given out and instead chose a completely new design that embodies the history of Belval, the FNR, innovation and research in Luxembourg.

FNR Awards 2019: Rewarding excellence in research and science communication

On Friday, 25 October 2019, the FNR held the 11th edition of the FNR Awards Ceremony, where around 150 people, including Claude Meisch, Minister for Higher Education & Research, gathered in the halle des poches à fonte in Belval, to reward Luxembourg’s best research and science communication efforts. Six FNR Awards were presented across three categories. Discover the winners!

FNR Awards 2018: FNR rewards excellence in research, innovation and science communication

FNR Awards 2017: The FNR awards excellence in research, innovation and science communication

FNR Awards 2016: The FNR awards excellence in research and science communication

On Friday, 14 October 2016, the FNR held the 8th edition of the FNR Awards, presenting four awards for excellence in science and research communication. In presence of the Luxembourg research community, awards endowed with a 5000 EUR prize were presented in the categories Outstanding Scientific Publication, Outstanding PhD Thesis, and Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public.

FNR Awards 2015: 6 Researchers Awarded for Excellence in Science and Research

For the seventh year running, the FNR has presented scientists with an FNR Award to mark their exceptional contributions in the field of science and research. A total of 6 scientists were presented with awards in the categories ‘Scientific Publications’, ‘Promotion of Science to the Public’, and ‘Outstanding PhD Thesis’. The award comes with a 5000 Euro prize.

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