FNR Call for Future Leaders to participate in STS forum in Kyoto, Japan

The FNR is pleased to invite applications from outstanding researchers to the Future Leaders Programme of the STS Forum Annual Meeting to be held from 1 – 4 October 2016 in Kyoto, Japan. Application deadline is Monday, 25 July. 

The Future Leaders Program aims to invite as many as 100 young, promising leaders to attend the STS forum Annual Meeting. The Fellows can attend all the sessions of the Forum where they will meet top leaders (scientists including Nobel laureates, academics, policy makers, business leaders, journalists and others) as well as their peers.

FNR funding specifics

The FNR grant will cover travel, hotel and a per diem as well as the Forum participation costs requested by the organisers.

Application requirements

To be eligible, candidates have to

  • show strong leadership
  • be able to debate and discuss in English
  • have conducted excellent applied research that offers exciting new solutions for pressing global problems. The excellence of work will be determined based on factors such as publications, the nature of the recommendations and the quality of the recommenders, and any early indications of success.
  • have an explicit interest in the social dimension of their research and a vision of how their work will improve well-being globally
  • have earned a terminal degree (PhD, MD)
  • be 40 years or younger on the 1 October, 2016
  • have never attended a previous STS forum
  • be available to attend the entire programme of the STS forum, and the Orientation Meeting from Saturday, 1 October 2016, 12:00 (Kyoto time) through to Tuesday, 4 October, 2016, 13:30 (Kyoto time).

How to apply 

Applications must comprise the following documents:

  • a motivation letter by the candidate (1 page);
  • a CV (including statements of the most relevant achievements; 2 pages max.);
  • optional: a reference letter.

The documents should be submitted by email to Ulrike.kohl@fnr.lu no later than Monday, 25 July 2016. 

Notification of selection

The FNR will select up to two candidates by Monday, 1 August 2016 and will forward these to the organisers of the Forum, informing the selected and the non-retained candidates.

The organisers will have to confirm the selection and will finally invite the candidates.

About STS Forum

The Science and Technology in Society (STS) forum aims to provide a new mechanism for open discussions on an informal basis, and to build a human network that would, in time, resolve the new types of problems stemming from the application of science and technology. The forum community will also explore the opportunities arising from science and technology, and address how to remove the barriers to using science and technology to solve the problems facing humankind.

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