FNR-funded project ‘HuMiX’ wins Falling Walls Lab competition

This week saw the very first Falling Walls Lab competition take place in Luxembourg. Organised by the University of Luxembourg, the international competition offers a platform to students, early-stage researchers and young professionals with all kinds of ground-breaking new research projects, initiatives or business ideas.

Participants were given 3 minutes to present their idea to the audience, to convince a distinguished jury from academia and business. Dr. Pranjul Shah emerged as the winner with his project ‘HuMiX’, which was funded through the FNR’s CORE programme.

‘HuMiX’ is a co-culture system for human and bacterial cells developed by the Eco-Systems Biology research group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine led by former FNR ATTRACT research fellow and Associate Prof. Paul Wilmes. With HuMiX, the team is looking to answer questions such as how human cells are influenced by bacteria, or how diet affects the gut microbial and subsequently human cells.

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