Statement of Intent between RCUK and FNR renewed for another 5 year period

The FNR and Research Councils UK (RCUK) have renewed their statement of intent for 5 more years. Under the umbrella of the INTER programme, the FNR works in partnership with RCUK to encourage and support proposals that involve international collaborative teams.

The Statement of Intent was first signed in September 2013 and was renewed in December 2016. The agreement not only avoids double jeopardy in funding applications, it also demonstrates the commitment to an open and inclusive European Research Area by removing some of the barriers facing international research collaboration.

  • RCUK receives and assesses the proposals from eligible applicants in both countries on behalf of both organisations
  • Researchers submit a single joint proposal to the relevant UK Research Council which processes the application according to its normal procedures
  • FNR nominated experts are able to be involved with the peer review and decision making process throughout
  • Funding by the UK and FNR is agreed following the recommendation of the panel of the UK Research Council

Due to their respective different modes of funding and procedures individual UK Research Councils will initially take differing approaches to the implementation of the agreement.

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