Career Stage(s): Postdoc & Junior Researcher, Established Researcher, Leading Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Project Funding, Support for knowledge transfer & innovation,

Deadline: 14-04-2020 18:00 CET

Deadline: 11-05-2020 17:00 CET


The Luxembourgish research community has created a COVID-19 Task Force in order to coordinate response activities, including the FNR and the major Luxembourgish research institutions. As a part of the Task Force’s activities, the FNR is launching a rapid call to provide initial (co-)funding for supporting both short-term projects and starting phases of long-term projects that will address the current and future challenges of COVID-19. 

Research submitted to this call is open to all research domains and disciplines and must be aligned with the WHO’s Coordinated Global Research Roadmap: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (March 2020 version). Of particular interest is also the development and use of Text and Data Mining techniques that can help to answer high-priority scientific questions related to COVID-19, such as those presented in the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19). 

This specific FNR instrument to address COVID-19 is based on a fast-track “mechanism” that allows the support of (urgent) research projects requiring an immediate start, e.g. in view of data collection or other work during the current crises. FNR project selection and funding are carried out within a short period, without derogating from the principles of peer review.

Proposals for long-term research projects tackling COVID-19 research questions can also be submitted to the FNR CORE 2020 call or the FNR OPEN 2020 call.

Information for companies

This Call is also open to private companies in Luxembourg, which are all invited to submit project ideas. Projects could be conducted by individual research teams, but also as public-private partnerships including public research teams and companies. In the latter case, the FNR will provide funding for research organisations and the Ministry of the Economy for private companies. Projects will be evaluated through a joint process involving both the FNR and the Ministry of the Economy, which will also rely on the support of Luxinnovation. The funding provided to private companies will follow the rules laid out in the EU’s State Aid Regulation and Luxembourg law. Companies should contact Luxinnovation (see related contacts).


  • FNR will support funding for COVID-19 initial projects up to 50,000 EUR for a maximum period of 6monthsFNR considers its support as co-funding and is rather flexible in how the budget is spent, but a clear justification must be provided. 
  • Top-up funding of 30,000 EUR can be requested for projects where complementary expertise from different fields is bundled.


  • The next COVID-19 call submission deadline is Monday, 11 May 2020, 17:00 CET

Clarification of application guidelines:

  • Interdisciplinary proposals asking for up to 80k EUR must include a formal Co-PI.
  • PIs can submit a maximum of 1 proposal. In addition, in the COVID19 fast-track call only, they can be Co-PI on maximum 1 other proposal.
  • Resubmissions of proposals not retained for funding are possible. The applicants should highlight changes made in the first submission.
  • The Call is open to collaborations with companies – please consult Luxinnovation for more info on the potential support of companies.
  • The Call is open to all PIs fulfilling the FNR requirements for PIs, including PIs which were successful in the first round.


  • The project idea (at least a summary of 20 lines) has to be published on the Research Luxembourg COVID-19 platform (https://lux-covid19.lu/) by 29 April 2020, 14:00 CET (for the second COVID-19 call deadline of 11 May).  
  • Proposals are submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI), on behalf of the host institution that is the applicant’s legal entity.  A completed Proposal Application Form for COVID-19 project call will need to be submitted by the PI via the FNR’s Electronic Grant Submission System before the deadlines indicated above.

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