Career Stage(s): Established Researcher, Leading Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Support for scientific events & science communication,

Ongoing (2 months before printing of the work)


The aim of RESCOM: Scientific Monographs is to promote the publication of scientific monographs that make outstanding results of research accessible to an interested audience and expand the frontiers of knowledge in that particular field.

A scientific monograph is a detailed, specialist work of writing on a single subject or on a specific aspect of a subject written by a qualified researcher in the field. A monograph is always a self-contained, stand-alone book.


The FNR co-finances up to 50% of the real eligible costs. The total amount of FNR funding is limited to a maximum of EUR 15,000.

The following costs are eligible for funding:

  • Layout costs (only in case of outsourcing);
  • Correction costs (only in case of outsourcing);
  • Translation costs (only for abstracts);
  • Printing and publishing costs;
  • Open Access costs (only if the Open Access copy is made available within 6 months of printing) up to a reasonable amount.


  • No set Calls – applications should be submitted to the FNR two months before the printing of the work.
  • Potential beneficiaries of RESCOM: Scientific Monographs funding are either public institutions or public bodies with a research mission in Luxembourg, or non-profit associations that have obtained authorisation from the Ministry of Higher Education & Research.
  • Individuals or private companies are not eligible.
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