Introducing Innovation & Industry Partnerships

Research and innovation is at the heart of Luxembourg’s future success. They are critical to growth in productivity and business investment, to the comparative advantages in the global race, and to the ability to address societal challenges.


It is the FNR’s vision to establish Luxembourg as a leading knowledge-based society through science, research and innovation, thereby contributing to the country’s economic diversification and future prosperity.

FNR-funded research should have the biggest possible impact on practice and services in Luxembourg. Innovative research will have a socio-economic impact, but innovations alone are not enough: they only make sense if placed in a functioning eco-system.


Innovative companies work with researchers on the future. The FNR helps bring research and industry together, through facilitating research and development partnerships. Such collaborations are a win-win for both sides: businesses gain access to creative minds, while researchers get the chance to take their research to the next level and see it make an impact.

AFR-PPP and CORE-PPP are the funding instruments specifically aimed at fostering collaboration between research and business, while the programmes PoC and KITS are aimed at researchers, to foster knowledge transfer and getting prototypes ready for investment. We have also launched a pilot Call for an Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG), which awards a block allocation of PhD and/or Postdoc grants (AFR-PPP) in which Luxembourg-based industry partner(s) take the lead in arranging a research programme with a Luxembourg-based public research institution of their choice (in research relevant to FNR’s strategic priority areas).


CORE-PPP SPOTLIGHT: SIMOP: surface induced molecular organisation in polymers

The Goodyear Innovation Centre and the University of Luxembourg teamed up in a CORE-funded Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) project aiming to create and analyse surface-induced interphases in a macroscale planar material assembly.

“Since 2008, we have started building up various partnerships with public institutions. A company like Goodyear simply cannot afford to build up the level of expertise required for such innovative research.” – Dr Georges Thielen, Goodyear Innovation Centre

“PPPs can be an efficient instrument that allows the scientists at the University to define new and highly topical fields for fundamental research. Deepening the understanding of physical processes in technically relevant materials can help the industrial partner to substantially improve their product.” – Dr Roland Sanctuary, University of Luxembourg


Dr Andreea Monnat

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