Country(s): United States,

Deadline: 23-03-2022 14:00 CET


This specific call is dedicated to AFR grants conducted in a cooperation between Luxembourg based research institutions and the NASA Ames Research Center (NRC). In addition, it allows to support:

  • Luxembourg nationals, or residents in Luxembourg for more than 5 consecutive years, based at public research institutions abroad


  • candidates from any nationality may apply for a PhD or Postdoc position in an eligible Luxembourg host institution. Candidates will have to spend >50% in Luxembourg under an employment contract with the host institution;

conducting their PhD or Postdoc studies in cooperation with the NASA Ames Research Center.

In order to be eligible, candidates require a written confirmation by NASA-Ames accepting them as visiting researchers/PhDs in their labs in case they do receive the grant. *Update 04/03/2022: Due to difficulties getting these documents in time for the call deadline, this document must now be sent by 25 April at the latest.*


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