International cooperation: Launch 2020 JPND Call

The EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) will soon launch the joint trans-national call for multinational research projects on ‘Novel imaging and brain stimulation methods and technologies related to Neurodegenerative Diseases’. Pre-proposal deadline is 3 March 2020, full proposal deadline is in June.

The FNR will support this Call through its INTER programme and will contribute up to 500,000 EUR, which is expected to fund up to 2 projects. Luxembourg is among 20 countries participating in this Call. Total budget for the Call is around 18 MEUR.

Recent years have seen major increases in the range and power of these technologies across the basic, clinical and patient-centred domains of JPND. This joint transnational call will further promote research aiming at the development of novel and the advanced use of existing cutting-edge brain imaging and brain stimulation technologies related to neurodegenerative diseases. Approaches must be translational and patient-centered.

Tackling Parkinson’s disease is also a priority identified and supported by the FNR, most notably through NCER-PD, a national centre of excellence in research in Parkinson’s Disease. NCER-PD launched in 2015, phase two in 2019,with an 8 MEUR FNR grant for the first 4 years of the study, and an additional 6 MEUR for the second phase.

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