Luxembourg partners in successful DFG project

The FNR is pleased to communicate that Luxembourg researchers are part of a joint “research unit” (Forschergruppe) which has been retained for funding in a Call with the German DFG. The FNR supports the project as part of its INTER programme to foster international cooperation.

The research unit consists of researchers from the Universities of Tübingen, Bonn, Cologne, Kiel, Oslo and Luxembourg and is led by Professor Dr. Holger Lerche at the Hertie Institute in Tübingen.  Luxembourg partners are Dr Roland Krause (PI) and Alex Skupin from the LCSB at the University of Luxembourg.

As part of its INTER programme to foster international cooperation, the FNR has committed 899,000 EUR to the project over three years. The FNR was involved in this Call via its INTER programme to foster international cooperation, with the DFG serving as lead and evaluating agency.

The project is titled ‘Epileptogenesis of genetic epilepsies (MechEPI)’.

More information

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FNR-DFG page

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