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The European Commission funds excellent postdoctoral scientists working for up to two years in your institutions (companies, research groups, NGOs and public administrations) through the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships (MSCA IF). Is your organisation interested? Luxinnovation, the National Contact Point for European funding, can assist in finding the best applicants from around the world and help candidates prepare their 10-page proposals. 


• Any legal entity from Luxembourg, public or private, willing to host a postdoctoral researcher for up to 2 years for a research project
Quick facts

• Duration: Up to 2 years Full Time Equivalent

• 100% funded: salary (up to 5’980€/m net), research/training costs (800€/m) and overhead (650€) included – optional top-up of salary to attract the best talents. Additional funding possible for applicants with special needs.

• Proposal (10 page) is written mostly by applicant (postdoc) and fine-tuned by the host (you)

• Optional secondments (e.g. cross sectoral research collaborations of up to 6 months) inside Europe increase attractiveness of the proposal

• Success rates: 15% (standard panel) and >25% (panel reserved for private and NGO hosts)

• Earmarked budgets for applicants with career breaks, researchers returning to the EU (e.g. from US) and non academic sector (companies, NGOs etc) – projects based in Luxembourg benefit from an additional reserve list (Widening fellowships)

• Applicant profile: PhD degree or 4 year FTE research experiences after obtaining a Masters degree at the submission deadline (09.09.2020)

Luxinnovation support

• Identification of talented applicants: Based on your keywords, we will search for skilled postdoctoral candidates

• You will receive the CVs of the potential applicants and can select as many as you like

• Luxinnovation offers training sessions and support material to the applicants and to you to help you with the proposal writing process
Your input – please send via email to Charles Betz []

Please send Luxinnovation your expression of interest by Tuesday, 10 December 2019 with the following details:

• Short description of your research group/unit and institution/company and research interests (this information will be publically visible)

• Several keywords to indicate the background of the candidates you wish to find (this keywords will be publically visible)

• A contact person that we can forward applicant CVs to

• Optional: Minimal or optional criteria/expertise/training that the applicants should have (this information will be publically visible)

• Optional: Additional incentives/unique selling points to attract the best candidates (this information will be publically visible)

• Optional: Project description (this information will be publically visible)

• Optional: If you already have a particular applicant in mind, please tell us so that we can discuss the eligibility. Remember that, with some exceptions, MSCA applicants who live OR work in Luxembourg since before September 2019 are not eligible.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions guide for applicants

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