New requirement: Registration of FNR-funded PhDs in FNR online submission system

As of January 2017, the FNR has opened its online submission system for the systematic registration of PhD candidates recruited in the frame of research projects funded under CORE, OPEN, INTER, ATTRACT and PEARL. This registry will serve mainly for record keeping and statistical exploitation. Any updates on the progress of the candidate’s training and research need to be given in the regular project reports.

This new requirement applies to PhDs recruited in the frame of FNR-funded research projects officially starting after 1 January 2017. Following the signature of the FNR convention, PIs are sent an electronic task to create the registry in the FNR online submission system. This task will be open for the whole duration of the project. Within the registry, PIs register each PhD through an individual PhD file, which consists of an online form and uploads (see template in annex). This PhD file should be created within 3 months following the start of the employment contract of the candidate.

New file per new PhD recruited

Following its creation, the individual PhD files may need to be regularly updated (e.g. administrative changes, changes in the PhD topic or supervision, maternity leave, drop-out or termination of PhD, etc.). For each new PhD recruited, a new file must be created. In case of drop-outs or successful termination of candidates, their files should not be deleted from the registry.

It is advised to do the updating of the registry and the individual PhD files on a regular basis. In any case, all individual PhD files must be up-to-date at the deadlines for the FNR activity reporting (no specific submission act for the PhD files is required). The PIs are responsible for the completeness of the registry and the regular update of the individual PhD files.

The respective programme reporting guidelines contain further details regarding the establishment of individual PhD files.

Ongoing research projects

For PhD candidates recruited in the frame of ongoing research projects funded under CORE, OPEN, INTER, ATTRACT and PEARL, these PhDs will gradually be included in the registry and the FNR will contact the individual PIs in early 2017 with relevant information on how to complete the PhD files for these PhDs.

Download this information and the PhD file template


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