Chercheurs à l’école 2018 – Inspire the next generation of researchers!

The FNR is inviting all researchers in Luxembourg to ‘go back to school’ and inspire the next generation of researchers! Chercheurs à l’école is your chance to interact and motivate future generations, and share the passion that got you into research in the first place. The 2018 edition takes place from Monday 19 – Friday, 23 March, deadline to register is 31 January 2018.

For the eighth year now, the FNR is organising these get-togethers between local researchers (having obtained or preparing their PhDs) and secondary school students with growing success. Over 70 school classes subscribed for this year’s edition.

Researchers of all scientific disciplines can describe the pupils their life as a researcher: from their beginnings as a student, to their motivation for one or the other scientific discipline, first steps in their professional lives, career challenges and opportunities. It shouldn’t be a scientific talk- more a personal interaction.

For the teenagers, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them all the questions they have in mind and to receive information on the advantages and also the possible disadvantages of being a scientist.

How to take part

Please note, registration is now closed!

How the form works: Based on your domain, languages and date selection, you will see the available sessions that correspond with the data you entered. So if you chose only English and your domain is Humanities, you will only see the schools that wanted a session about Humanities in English. You can only choose one session per time you fill out the form. If you want to take part in multiple sessions, you must fill the form out for each session you want to do.

After you have submitted your registration, you will receive a summary of your submission by email – however, before you submit your form, please ensure to note down which session you have chosen.

What is Chercheurs à l’école?

Every year, the FNR organises get-togethers between local researchers and secondary school pupils within the framework of the campaign Chercheurs à l’école. Researchers of all scientific disciplines go back to school to meet students to speak to them about their life as a researcher.

The activity is becoming more popular each year: In the 2017 edition, a record-breaking 111 researchers took part – almost double the number that took part in 2016.


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