Opportunities for Business

To boost innovation and support collaboration between research and industry, the FNR runs the following funding schemes:

BRIDGES (formerly CORE-PPP): Short to mid-term (1 – 3 years) collaborative research projects between a public research institution in Luxembourg and a company based either in Luxembourg or abroad. Two deadlines per year, in March and September.

INDUSTRIAL FELLOWSHIPS (formerly AFR-PPP): Collaborations between PhD or Postdoc researchers and Luxembourg-based companies. Two deadlines per year, in March and September.

IPBG: Industrial Partnership Block Grant – Luxembourg-based industry partner(s) take the lead in arranging a research programme with a Luxembourg-based public research institution of their choice.


“Since 2008, we have started building up various partnerships with public institutions. A company like Goodyear simply cannot afford to build up the level of expertise required for such innovative research.” – Dr Georges Thielen, Goodyear Innovation Centre, which has been involved in more than 10 ‘PPPs’ since 2008 – find out more about some of the projects

Specific areas where partnerships with public research institutions are beneficial for companies:

Technology development

You might be close to achieving the product, process or service you want, but need more research and development.


You might have an idea that does not immediately lead to a commercial opportunity but could be key in facing long-term strategic challenges.


You have an innovative idea but hesitate to follow through due to concerns about feasibility. Researchers can help explore a new concept outside the company’s mainstream activities.

Knowledge generation

Your business may be some way off making a final breakthrough, and you need research to build on your knowledge base. A new perspective can assist in overcoming the innovation challenges that are slowing project development.

Through the FNR’s innovation and industry partnerships, businesses get:

Access to high level research and innovation expertise

Businesses need knowledge to develop and grow, but do not always have the resources to make this happen. The FNR helps companies hire scientists by co-funding their salary.

Access to state-of-the-art research facilities

Through the partnerships funded by the FNR’s BRIDGES and Industrial Fellowship schemes, companies get access to world-class laboratories and research equipment.


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