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Towards a Collaborative Business Analytics Laboratory

This proposal involves the creation of a Collaborative Business Analytics Laboratory between Singapore and Luxembourg. Business Analytics is a highly strategic domain that bridges between HPC and Business Analytics on one side, and decision making in businesses and organisations. The CoBALab involves the initiation of said Collaborative Laboratory, as well as research activities in key … Continued

Spin-orbit coupling in correlated low-dimensional materials

The aim of this project is to theoretically investigate the interplay between spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and electron-electron interactions in one-dimensional and two-dimensional materials. Using ab-initio techniques, we will investigate layered 2D semiconductor systems with strong SOC such as transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), in particular molybdenum disulfide, where the breaking of (in-plane) inversion symmetry leads to a … Continued

Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of Geometric Structures

We intend to study several problems involving geometric, algebraic andcombinatorial aspects of geometric structures on surfaces and 3-dimensionalmanifolds, as well as representations of surface groups in Lie groups (higherThurston-Teichmuller theory). We focus on questions already studied bothon the Singapore and Luxembourg side of the project, where complementary approacheshave been followed and cooperation is likely to … Continued

Advanced Resource Allocation and Interference Management Strategies for Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Backhaul Networks

The expected traffic volume increase in wireless communications (such as smart devices, Internet of things, etc.), need of ubiquitous coverage and scarce spectrum are putting strain on existing backhaul technologies (such as copper, optical fiber and microwave to satellite). For these reasons, research on the next generation cellular networks (5G) is highly anticipated in the … Continued

New tools for the prediction of influential nodes and links in multi-level cancer-related networks

Biological research increasingly depends on the analysis of large interaction networks. In such networks, nodes may represent molecular species (e.g., genes) or patient-derived samples. Network links may encode regulatory and signalling relationships among proteins or may indicate between-patient similarities. The analysis of massive biological networks, including those in cancer research, has traditionally involved single networks … Continued

Regulatory T cell responses at the crossroads of immune homeostasis and inflammation in the context of barrier diseases

T regulatory cells (Tregs), a subset of CD4+ T cells (currently known as CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ T cells or immune suppressor cells), are key players in maintaining tolerance and homeostasis of tissues and the immune system. Treg dysregulation critically contributes to various pathologic conditions such as autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic … Continued

Compressive Sensing for Ranging and Detection in Automotive Applications

The idea of automotive radars is to gain valuable seconds to enable the car/ driver to avert collisions. Towards enhancing the safety of all and sundry, incorporation of advanced features in different car segments is mandated. Such a step clearly requires sensing solutions that are economical, efficient and durable. Many of the future automotive applications, … Continued

Migranten in der Wahrnehmung der Presse der Groregion: das Luxemburger Wort, Le Republicain Lorrain und die Saarbrucker Zeitung (1990 bis 2007)

The planned thesis is supported by the Department of German Language and Literature Studies (Institut fur deutsche Sprache, Literatur und Interkulturalitat) and intends to make a first scientific contribution to the newly added intercultural focus of this department. Therefore, the transnational study introduced in this expose elaborates the representation of immigrants in some print media … Continued

Hidden Images/Images Cachees: The Making of a National Family Album

The research project ?Hidden Images/Images Cachees: The Making of a National Family Album? explores the field of amateur photography and film in relation to collective an individual memorialisation, nationhood and the shaping of national identity. The investigation is anchored by the close analysis of the Luxembourg ?Hidden Images/Images Cachees? exhibition and catalogue project, with film … Continued

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