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Optimised wire treatment for smart devices

“An increasing interest in wires and fibres with special surface treatments is currently observed. Such ?intelligent? or ?smart? wires and fibres have applications in various high-tech fields (manufacturing of energy generating fabrics, wires with piezo-electric effects, wires for sensor applications, wires with integrated anti-corrosion protection, wear resistant wires for cutting applications, ?).A method of choice … Continued

Modeling, Composing and Testing of Security Concerns

Security is not only a keyword, it is currently a critical issue that has to be embraced by modern software engineering (SE) techniques.From this SE point of view, ensuring confidence in the implemented security mechanisms is the key objective when deploying a security concern. This objective can be reached by improving the design and implementation … Continued

Translational control of glucocorticoid receptor expression

“Glucocorticoids (GC) such as cortisol and their receptor (GR) play a pivotal role in the host response to stress. The GR acts at the genomic level as a classical ligand induced transcription factor. In addition, GC can induce non-genomic effects, possibly through a membrane bound GR (mGR). Our previous observation of the 5? GR transcript … Continued

Musulmans au Luxembourg. Etude qualitative sur les changements du rapport au système religieux des musulmans immigrés au Luxembourg

“Immigration and integration matters are of particular interest in the Luxembourg R&D setting, as Luxembourg counts more than 40% of foreign residents. This paper will focus on a group of immigrants, which is characterized by its religious affiliation and adds to the diversification of Luxembourg?s religious landscape. This paper will contribute to the knowledge of … Continued

Automatic determination and prioritization of metrics based on process models

“In the last years, regulations, norms and Standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II or the USA Patriot Act have put strong pressure in many enterprises that have resulted in a multitude of individual compliance projeets that consume a large share of available resources. Today new norms related to information and security risks management are Coming into … Continued

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