A Research Programme on Social Inequality within the National, European and International Context


CALL: 2011

DOMAIN: ID - Humanities and Social Sciences

FIRST NAME: Louis / Conchita

LAST NAME: Chauvel / D'Ambrosio



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Life long-learning and the work life cycle

START: 2012-06-01

END: 2018-12-31

WEBSITE: https://www.uni.lu

Submitted Abstract

The aim of this proposal is to build up research in Luxembourg on social inequality. Its vision is to place Luxembourg of the international map of research on social welfare, income and wealth and social change. The business case presented here puts forward an integrative interdisciplinary model, building on the existing foundations of the research conducted in this field, notably at the University of Luxembourg (UL), at the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) and at the CEPS.The Business Case proposes to establish a research team of 10 people at the UL directed by two complementary professors: a professor of sociology as well as a professor of economics who will coordinate the work on the subject of social inequality.The research team at the UL will work hand in hand with the LIS and so the financing of a researcher at the LIS is also proposed in this application.The proposal explains the strategic fit of the research programme within the University of Luxembourg and at national level.Business case proposes to build up the research team in 2 phases: the first phase starting immediately with an internationally recognised scholar of sociology Prof. Dr. Louis Chauvel (Sciences Po, Paris);the second phase would follow shortly after the appointment of Prof. Dr. Louis Chauvel, with the recruitment of a professor of economics through the open usual recruitment process of the UL.Prof. Dr. Louis Chauvel suggests focusing his research programme on social stratification and inequality in Luxembourg, and within the European and global context. A summary of this research is included in the proposal, the complete work programme is in annex I of this paper. Moreover, future directions of research associated with the Professorship in Economics with be outlined as a more generic proposition.A calculation and a justification of costs associated with the proposal as well as a section on risk management and quality assurance are to be found in the final section of the proposal. Annex II contains letters of recommendation by Serge Allegrezza (Statec Luxembourg), Sir Anthony Atkinson (Nuffield College, Oxford) and Prof. Paul Krugman (Princeton University). Annex III describes the Luxembourg Income Study and associated research findings. Annex IV gives an overview of economists associated with LIS that may be helpful in the scouting and recruitment of the Professorship in Economics

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