Duplex PECVD – HIPIMS high-throughput in-line wire coater: development of the prototype instrument and application to magnetic wires


CALL: 2011

DOMAIN: MS - New Functional and Intelligent Materials and Surfaces






KEYWORDS: New functional and intelligent wires, coating of wires, surface treatment, HIPIMS, PECVD, plasma, magnetoimpedance, instrumental development

START: 2012-09-01

END: 2015-08-31

WEBSITE: https://www.list.lu/

Submitted Abstract

A lot of complex compounds with interesting physical properties, if deposited on large quantities of wires, will lead to astonishing and numerous important applications in the future (new electromagnetic components, sensor applications, capacitors, inductances, production of renewable energy, efficient transport of electricity, magnetic data storage elements, piezo-electric fibres for fabrics, medical applications, therapeutic sensors, anti-inflammatory or analgesic clothes, …). The surface treatment methods needed to modify the surface and properties of wires in an efficient and clean way for high added value applications are however still missing today. The MagWIRE project aims at developing an innovative prototype instrument for a high-quality high-throughput in-line coating on wires combining High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) and microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour (PECVD) deposition technologies. This new duplex deposition process will allow the elaboration of new families of innovative wires with a large range of applications, with processes easily up-scalable to industrial scale.As an example of innovative materials design carried out with this new instrument, a new family of composite magnetic materials, consisting of magnetic thin-film-coated microwires embedded in a polymer matrix, will be synthesized and characterized. Such permanent magnets – insensitive to corrosion – can be prepared with a large variety of shapes and magnetic-field characteristics, allowing the manufacturing of new devices or portable instruments.The elaboration of coatings on wires with both Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapour Deposition (PEPVD) and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) processes will generate important new knowledge both regarding the deposition of new magnetic films by HIPIMS and the deposition of Si-C-N-H films by ECR-MW-PECVD. HIPIMS will allow producing coatings with new grain boundaries or/and new defect nature or quantity possibly leading to original magnetic properties. ECR-MW-PECVD will allow elaborating films with properties varying from organic to inorganic ones and will be used for the first time to coat and protect magnetic thin films.The characterization of the coatings and magnetic wire matrices will represent another important part of the work. Chemical, microstructural, mechanical, adhesion and magnetic characterizations will be carried out with up-to-date analysis instruments, helping us to understand the relationships between deposition parameters and coating characteristics on the one side, and the relationships between coating characteristics and magnetic properties on the other side.

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