Enhancing Angular Resolution in Radar Through Dynamic Beam Steering and MIMO

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies

FIRST NAME: Christian




HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: co-located MIMO, dynamic Beam, distributed MIMO, Signal Design, Robust Synchronization

START: 2016-03-01

END: 2019-06-30

WEBSITE: https://www.uni.lu

Submitted Abstract

The objective of DYNAMO is to achieve higher angular resolution using RADAR. Spatial and temporal dimensions will be explored to achieve the objective. The distributed Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar paradigm, made possible by the migration to high carrier frequencies, is considered first to exploit spatial diversity. The recurrent problem of synchronizing groups of sensors is considered and robust waveforms are devised. Subsequently, a dynamic beam approach, where the beam is steered continuously, is considered. This paradigm results in an amplitude modulation in the angular domain and the proposed receiver processing translates angular separation into time delays. A signal design problem is then posed for such a system towards achieving higher angular resolution. The robust design for distributed MIMO bridges the gap between the theoretical appeal of such systems and their implementation issues. On the other hand, the dynamic beam approach is novel and leads to new system model and signal design approaches. In addition to the novelty and innovation, the outcomes of DYNAMO can be applied to different sectors including automotive, healthcare, infrastructure and surveillance.

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