Eppur si muove


CALL: 2015

DOMAIN: ID - Humanities and Social Sciences







START: 2015-07-09

END: 2016-01-17


Submitted Abstract

Placed under the Patronage of the Ministry of State and organized within the framework of the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union, the exhibition Eppur si muove (“And yet it moves” in reference to the famous sentence ascribed to Galileo during his trial by the Inquisition) will take place at Mudam from the 4th July 2015 until the 4th January 2016.This ambitious project realized in partnership with the Musée des arts et métiers Paris, one of the first museums in France, and in collaboration with the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam), the most important research institute in France, constitutes the main event of Mudam’s programme in 2015. By bringing together forty historical objects from the collection of the Musée des arts et métiers (all of which are outstanding testimonies to science, technology, and human invention) and a hundred artworks by internationally recognized contemporary artists, this exhibition strives to be not only the pinnacle of cultural events in Luxembourg and the Greater Region in 2015, but also the first attempt at a temporary public platform for the dissemination of cross disciplinary exchange (science, technology and the arts), exhaustively engaging in public inclusion. The show will open with the emblematic Foucault Pendulum and will be displayed on all three floors of Mudam.It will be divided according to the following three sections:Section 1: TESTING AND DEMONSTRATING, SPATIAL GEOMETRY, MEASURING TIME, MEASURING SPACESection 2: OBSERVATION, OPTICAL PHENOMENA, SOUND WAVES, ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENA, TRANSMISSION AND COMMUNICATIONSection 3: PRODUCTION, ENERGY PRODUCTION, MOVEMENT, AUTOMATION, CALCULATINGNot only will it focus on the numerous links between the field of visual arts and the field of technology – the influence of which reciprocally feeds artists and scientists, creators and inventors – but also on the fascination the history of technology holds for many contemporary artists. Moreover, interactive technology will be present during the exhibition, through a robotic intervention lead by the artist Paul Granjon, manifested in a robotic duo that will guide and present to the audience some of their ancestors (Cnam’s historical objects). Another mid-term initiative concerning robotics and the question of the “museum of the future” will emerge from the project.The project, likely to be of interest to all publics, intends to go past the walls of our museum and have an international visibility. It will be accompanied by the publication of a catalogue, as well as a symposium entitled CREATION AND INVENTION: THE QUESTION OF RESEARCH IN THE SCIENTIFIC, TECHNICAL AND ARTISTIC FIELDS, and associating diverse Luxembourgish research institutions. Its purpose will be to give greater resonance to the exhibition Eppur si muove and benefit from this exceptional collaboration with the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts to create space for thinking about the transversality of the themes. Mudam wishes to give voice to actors from different fields on the notions of creativity and invention. The idea is to highlight similarities between artistic and scientific approaches and emphasize the importance of the research and experimentation processes that are peculiar to them.Mudam lives this adventure in connection with its public. Several workshops will accompany the exhibition over the period of six month, with an aim to include the public and introduce them to scientific and technological notions through the lens of art, and vice-versa. All these efforts combined will strive to achieve the project’s goals, which are headed first and foremost by intent to spread cross-disciplinary awareness and sensitize the public to scientific, technological, and artistic development throughout man’s quest for progress.

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