Explorative Research in Interactive Maps using TUI with HS Students


CALL: 2013

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies





HOST INSTITUTION: Lycée Technique d'Esch-sur-Alzette


START: 2013-09-06

END: 2014-07-31


Submitted Abstract

For the third year running, the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor is teaming up with teachers from the Lycée Technique D’Esch (LTE) to provide their students with the opportunity to conduct their final project in a domain actively researched in Luxembourg. Students from the 13T3IF had the opportunity to select a project related to Tangible User Interfaces (TUI), a type of natural user interfaces.Four students chose to develop software usable within Tudor’s research on decision making using interactive maps on the TUI. Three students implemented applications that allowed for the exchange of pictures from a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet to the TUI. The use of this development is to provide users a way to easily share their pictures in a Geospatial Information System scenario as an accessible way to geographically tag content for discussion in a collaborative scenario. The fourth student implemented an interactive gallery for TUI which allows users to browse their pictures using a tangible medium.As research is also about testing and expanding limits, one student implemented a physics game for TUI. The goal of the game was to juggle a ball and guide it to a given destination. The player was to draw lines using an infrared pen. The game took basic physics into account and allowed to observe another ways for users to interact with the TUI: a more frantic and less planned way of interaction.With Tudor playing the role of customer to the students projects, researchers from the research centre did not merely define the projects in collaboration with the teachers, they also actively provided guidance and demanded results in order to familiarise the students with the day to day work at a research centre, providing them a glimpse into the job world that opens up to them after they achieve their diploma.

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