Functionally graded materials multi-scale modelling, design and optimisation


CALL: 2009

DOMAIN: MS - New Functional and Intelligent Materials and Surfaces






KEYWORDS: Functionally Graded Materials

START: 2010-02-01

END: 2013-01-31


Submitted Abstract

Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) are advanced composite materials that are expected tosubstantially improve the performance of structures (in particular for aeronautical andaerospace applications) that are subjected to high thermal gradients and extreme loadingconditions. Due to the complex interplay of many different design variables, the current state ofthe art of predictive and optimisation analysis does not yet allow a full exploitation of the FGMs’potentialities. The project is motivated by the conviction that the thermo-mechanical propertiesof FGMs and FGMs-based structures can be significantly enhanced by designing andoptimising the micro- and macro-structure of FGMs through: the development of advancedcomputational approaches for the simulation of the effective thermo-mechanical properties, theformulation of macro-mechanical accurate theories and the development of new approaches forheat transfer within FGMs (including the effect of temperature in the material properties).The aim of the project is to develop advanced and accurate micro- and macro-scale modellingfor simulation, design and optimisation of FGMs and lightweight structural components withhigh thermo-mechanical capabilities.The following specific objectives are proposed: 1- development of advanced models of FGMcomposites as well as computational approaches for the simulation of the effective thermomechanicalproperties; 2- development of accurate theories for the design of FGMs-basedstructures; 3- development of adequate models to accurately predict the temperature field andthe effect of temperature on the material properties; 4- multi-objective optimisation of FGMs andFGMs-based structures; 5- development of a multi-scale simulation, design and optimisationsoftware tool that efficiently utilises the information generated by the multi-scale modelling.The following scientific results are expected: extension of homogenisation and advanced multiscalemodelling of FGM composites; accurate description of heat transfer within FGMs; higherthan classical order modelling of FGMs and FGMs-based structures and the development of asystemic and comprehensive software tool for the analysis, design and optimisation of FGMsand structures made of FGMs. As far as academic results are concerned, a Ph.D. thesis will becarried out during the research project. In order to provide international visibility to the researchin Luxembourg and increase its critical mass, the results will be matter of scientific articles to besubmitted to the most important international Journals (with high impact factor) for publishing ordiscussed in international conferences. Another expected result is the strengthening of therelation among the between consortium’s members.

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