Industry Partnership 2.0


CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies





HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT), Industry Partnership programme, Business development, Partnership development, Collaborative research & models, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Technology push-pull model

START: 2018-03-01

END: 2020-02-29


Submitted Abstract

Market knowledge gained through systematic and frequent industry collaboration in public research projects has a positive impact on knowledge and technology transfer in public research organizations. Business development activities provide such market knowledge and Industry feedback. The SnT Industry Partnership Programme which has been in place for several years, has proven to be very successful with 35 partnerships up to date. But it now needs to be strengthened and enlarged to make it more sustainable for the future. To improve the sustainability of this Programme on the long term, to extend its reach-out to a broader set of potential partners and to attract more international partners, SnT is going to develop additional collaboration models and business development capabilities for partnership acquisition, relationship management and strategic positioning. In parallel to the Industry Partnership Programme, SnT operates a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) put in place in 2016 after a successful pilot project. Today, the TTO is focussed on “technology push” capabilities, allowing the Centre to package, market and license technologies built upon results coming out of scientific research.However, as it has been observed in many European universities, a TTO needs also to help building “technology pull” capabilities to facilitate structured interaction of researchers with industry and contribute building R&D strategies. Such an approach facilitates and accelerates the process of bringing industry relevant research results from the lab to the market, thus increasing the socio-economic impact of research conducted at the institution.With this proposal, SnT will achieve the goal to fine-tune the framework conditions enabling the development of a well-balanced “technology push-pull model” for its TTO, and to define the appropriate business development concept for SnT. SnT’s TTO will take care of the new business development function in addition to its innovation management role, facilitating the processes from invention disclosure to license agreements and spin-off creation. As a key milestone of this KITS project two experienced business development leaders will be recruited and integrated as Partnership Development Officers in the existing TTO.

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