Large-Scale Blockchain Testbed

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies




INDUSTRY / PPP PARTNER: Eethiq Advisors S.a.r.l.

HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Blockchain, Islamic Finance , HCP, Fintech

START: 2017-09-01

END: 2019-08-31


Submitted Abstract

Blockchain technology present a large potential to various industries, specially Fintech, and applications domain. However, there are still many challenges to overcome as well there are enough questions and problems to fuel many research projects. In this project, we target highly challenged problems; scalability and performance evaluations. These features need to be ensured if this technology is deployed in operational and sensitive environments – like finance since most financial instruments will target large populations of customers. While current approaches for assessing the limits of different blockchain technologies has been done either on simulators, or only on analytical basis, this project aims at developing a reproducible environment for testing any blockchain-based solutions, or smart contract applications. By designing orchestration approaches for dynamically deploying smart contracts and blockchains over large-scale real networks provided by the Grid5000 platform. The proposed platform should be able to evaluate the performance efficiency, the scalability and the reliability of a given blockchain application. Moreover, the project will address also the recent evolution in the blockchain landscape and research how routing algorithms for fast payments, such as the Lightening Network, can be evaluated in term of performance and security point of view. The project is conducted in a partnership between SnT and Eethiq advisors.

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