Living & Working (former Mining) in Space – Interdisciplinary Cre@tivity Skills Competition (ICSC)


CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: SC - Societal Challenges


LAST NAME: Schlichtenhorst





START: 2018-02-27

END: 2018-06-29


Submitted Abstract

The project-comity wants to offer for the first time an interdisciplinary creativity competition for schools and other target groups with an open question they can elaborate in teams at their high-school, at the Makerspaces (25 in the country), or in any organization during the 2nd half of the school year 2018. The project start in January 2018 ends in November 2018.Target groups are: Pupils from Cycle 1 up to students from “cycle inférieur, moyen et superieur”, including Students from EDIFF. Target groups in non-formal education might contact the organisation committee for further details about participation. The biggest team is a school class, the smallest are two people. At the end of the school year 2017-2018 the teams from the different schools come together, present their results at the Science Week in July 2018 and get an award in fall 2018. Their task is to contribute an innovative solution to a complex, interdisciplinary question, inspired by the theme “Space Mining” and the challenges associated with living and working in space. The research topic combines the themes from the STE(A)M area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), but also from areas such as circular economy and many other social and political problem fields. All these issues will be solved by the teams accompanied by mentors coming from research (, CRP’s,) as from well-established companies and innovative start-ups. In January 2018 we organize an interactive Kick-off Event for team manager. Teacher, parents or other team guides will be informed, inspired by experts and animated to participate in a „Creative Session“. Participating teacher will get points from IFEN as further education. We will expect more than 100 participating Teams. The evaluation- results will give answers of the success of the concept. The project will be published on a special Website, the press will be invited for all public events (Kick-off Event, Science Week, Award ceremony).

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