Materials Research for the Tire Technology of Tomorrow


CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: MS - Materials, Physics and Engineering


LAST NAME: Schmidt




KEYWORDS: Materials research, Polymer-based composite, Polymer chemistry and technology, Bio-based Materials, Nanohybrids, (Nano)Filler technology, Additive technology, Interface chemistry and physics, Advanced materials characterisation




Submitted Abstract

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the Goodyear (GY) have agreed to go beyond the past and current short/mid-term interactions and establish a long-term and global framework program. This Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG) proposal should contribute to the consolidation of this partnership by establishing a long-view research agenda between the two partners.The primary objective of this IPBG is to improve the understanding and performances of materials and processes used in future tire technologies. This will be achieved by broad research approaches which cannot be realised without this public-private synergy. A future tire, as a highly complex composite material, needs to fulfil diversified performance criteria that cannot be achieved without expertise within chemistry and physics. The IPBG research project is then structured in four programs. Three materials-oriented programs (filler technology, polymer technology & additive technologies) are supported by a fourth transversal program on advanced materials characterisation. Within this, 24 projects will be conducted where 14 PhD positions are oriented towards exploratory research on new material concepts and mechanistic insights, while 10 Post-Doc positions focus on the scalability of development up to the integration into products.All projects and positions will be co-supervised by LIST researchers and GY professionals who all have a large experience in the supervision and project management. The IPBG will be organised through a cohort of PhDs & Post-Docs who will benefit from world-class research infrastructures at both LIST & GY, a public and industry expertise, a dedicated collaborative training program, a professional governance. This balance guaranties the best possible employability of the future researchers in a variety of careers.The IPBG is well aligned with FNR’s priority “Materials Research”. It also supports Luxembourg’s innovation strategy in responding to its key elements by delivering for the whole Materials and Process industry and public sector 24 well trained researchers, by securing a major industry player in Luxembourg, and by fostering the diversification of Luxembourg’s industrial sector via an innovation program in both tire-specific and broad range of industrial applications.

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