Optimization of a solar evaporation/condensation desalination system for drinking water production

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: SR - Environmental and Earth Sciences


LAST NAME: Jobrane


INDUSTRY / PPP PARTNER: Myriado Cleantech


KEYWORDS: Water desalination Drinking water qualitySolar stillSolar energyEngineeringModelling & Automation

START: 2017-04-10

END: 2021-04-09

WEBSITE: https://www.list.lu/

Submitted Abstract

The lack of potable water is an ever-existing problem in many settings around the world. Facing growing water needs for food, agriculture and industry, and considering the rapid pace of population growth, the increasing difficulty in ensuring the supply of drinking water is an impediment to human welfare on earth and the source of many diseases and adverse human-health effects. Considering the nearly endless water resource in the sea and oceans, sea water desalination is an increasing attractive solution, which can be granted easily through solar still devices. Solar energy-driven desalination is a simple and sustainable low-cost technology that however generally only reaches low yields of a few liters of drinking water per square meter and day. This study aims at demonstrating that the efficiency of solar stills for desalination can be enhanced through recovering the condensation heat, by applying forced convection to the evaporated water under the control of an internal fan. The planned lightweight prototype, covered by an ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) foil, will be tested experimentally owing to the effect on productivity and the quality of drinking water. With regard to process optimization, the solar still unit will also be thermodynamically modeled. Further, automation of the system will be achieved through the coupling of the system with detectors and sensors under the trigger of a microcontroller.The innovative part of the project, including materials, design and automation, will lead to a compact prototype with efficient yields of potable water production. The validated marketable desalination device will be ready to being easily deployed in rural and urban areas of moderate to low economic/technologic development.

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