Reconciling Natural-Language Requirements and Model-Based Specification for Effective Development of Critical Infrastructure Systems

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies




INDUSTRY / PPP PARTNER: University of Luxembourg/SnT


KEYWORDS: Software Engineering, Natural-Language Requirements, Model-Based Engineering, Test Case Derivation, Critical Infrastructure, Satellite Telecommunication Systems

START: 2017-11-01

END: 2019-10-31


Submitted Abstract

Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS) are the backbone of modern society and economy. CIS bring together and interconnect various essential services, including energy supply, emergency and rescue services, and satellite telecommunications. CIS are inherently software-intensive, and due to their nature, subject to extensive software Verification and Validation (V&V). A significant fraction of the software V&V activities in CIS is performed early into the development lifecycle, notably at the requirements specification and modeling stages. In the current state of practice, most early-stage V&V activities for CIS are carried out manually. This makes early-stage V&V both expensive and error-prone. The problem is further exacerbated by the involvement of multiple stakeholders in the value chain and the evolution of CIS over time. Automated solutions for ensuring the quality of CIS in early stages of development is an important need.RECONCIS aims at developing automated solutions for early-stage quality assurance of CIS. In particular, RECONCIS will concentrate on solutions for 1) requirements analysis, including requirements consistency checking and checking the compliance of requirements to CIS standards and best-practices; (2) extraction of model-based specifications from requirements, and reconciliation of models and requirements; and (3) derivation of abstract test cases. The solutions developed throughout the project will be rigorously evaluated in industrial settings.RECONCIS will be pursued as a joint endeavour between SES Techcom (Host) and SnT, University of Luxembourg (Collaborating Partner). The project outcomes will enable more cost-effective quality assurance of CIS, increased confidence in the resilience of these systems, and a faster realization of services delivered by CIS. The project closely aligns itself with major national initiatives on the development of critical infrastructures, notably, SATMED and LuxGovSat. By so doing, the project will contribute to the Government of Luxembourg’s mandate of strengthening the position of its critical infrastructures.

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