Satellite Precoding Hardware Demonstrator

SCHEME: Proof-of-Concept

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies


LAST NAME: Chatzinotas



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Satellite Communications, Satellite MoDem, Signal Processing, Precoding Algorithm

START: 2016-06-01

END: 2018-09-30


Submitted Abstract

As we move towards the 5G era, many developed countries have considered recognizing broadband connectivity as a public utility. However, broadband connectivity is not ubiquitous and there are numerous cases where internet is unreliable or unavailable due to immature technology. One of these cases is inflight Wi-Fi connectivity. In recent news, American Airlines has gone into a dispute with its internet provider GoGo over “god-awful” inflight Wi-Fi. The main problem was that GoGo has using air-to-ground networks to connect the planes and the resulting user experience was unacceptable. In an attempt to rectify the situation, GoGo has switched to satellite providers which use satellite to connect the planes. In addition, focusing on maritime services (e.g. oil rigs, cruise ships), satellite communications are the only option to deliver broadband. According to SES, it is expected that there will be 980 connected commercial aircrafts in Middle East & Africa by 2023 and 26000 global vessels connected by 2016. It should also be noted that enabling ubiquitous access for smartphones over the above application areas is one of the 5G objectives for the 2020 networks. Another prominent use case is broadband service over developing countries (e.g. in Africa, Latin America or Asia) where broadband connectivity has just began to take off but the infrastructure is unavailable. According to GSMA[4], more than 400 million new smartphone connections are expected in Africa by 2020, growing the installed base to over half a billion.The market addressed by the proposed technology is focused on ground equipment for satellite communications, which includes at least one gateway and multiple user terminals (see Figure 1). A main component of the gateways is the communication modem which enables the exchange of information with the user terminals by going through the satellite. The proposed technology focuses on the algorithms used by the modem chips to produce the signals needed for the wireless communication.

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