Scienteens Lab – Setup of the laboratory


CALL: 2015

DOMAIN: ID - Humanities and Social Sciences

FIRST NAME: Elisabeth




HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg


START: 2015-04-01

END: 2016-06-30


Submitted Abstract

The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), one of two interdisciplinary centres at the University of Luxembourg, has founded the first educational extra scholar biomedical laboratory in Luxembourg, called Scienteens Lab, which has been designed specifically for Luxembourgish high-school students. The Scienteens Lab is run by experienced scientists, who are familiar with the newest trends and technologies in life sciences, with a focus on biology, biomedicine and bioinformatics. Since October 2013, school classes are invited to attend the Scienteens Lab for one-day courses, which provide high-school students with a hands-on research experience in a cutting-edge research environment that schools cannot offer them. The aim of the Scienteens Lab is to offer high-school students the opportunity to experience a day in a real-life research laboratory and excite them about the career of a researcher. This initiative aims to ensure the sustainability of the research sector in the Grand Duchy by preparing the next generation of researchers in Luxembourg.The Scienteens Lab has been very successful in the first months since its foundation. Currently there is a waiting list of more than 9 months for classes wishing to attend, which is mainly due to limitations in the availability of space and equipment. In order to give all interested Luxembourgish high-school students the opportunity to participate, it is essential to have a large, well-equipped laboratory that, for most of the time, is primarily dedicated to the Scienteens Lab. Starting from mid 2015, together with the “Master of Integrated Systems Biomedicine (MISB)”-program of the University of Luxembourg, the Scienteens Lab will occupy one floor of the current LCSB building where a fully equipped teaching laboratory will be set up. Thanks to this large space, up to 30 high-school students will be able to perform detailed scientific experiments together rather than being split into multiple small groups, as it is currently the case.The MISB will provide some basic equipment, but additional equipment, consumables and safety cloth are needed for the Scienteens Lab’s courses. With this project, the LCSB and the Scienteens Lab aim to equip the new laboratory to extend the capacity of the Scienteens Lab. The quality of the courses will be further improved for the benefit of the high-school students, who will gain more hands-on experience in a research setting.

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