SimCoTest ( Simulink Controller Tester)

SCHEME: Proof-of-Concept

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies


LAST NAME: Matinnejad



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: In-Car Software TestingSimulink ModelsSimulink TestingCyber Physical Systems SimulationAutomated Software Testing

START: 2016-09-01

END: 2017-04-30


Submitted Abstract

The project will deliver a test bed (SimCoTest) to simulate test scenarios for in-car software applications based on the most common language Simulink. Simulink is used by more than 60% of the engineers developing Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) and is the prevalent modelling language in the automotive domain. In today’s highly fragmented and diversified supply chains, components have to be intensively tested before their implementation into hardware. Today, the common software test beds for Cyber-Physical Systems are based on known test scenarios like crash-test, crash-reports and previous testing expertise. Most of tomorrow’s software applications are related to so far unknown scenarios, like car-to-car communication, autonomous driving, etc. Therefore the existing test beds are unable to sufficiently simulate those applications.The product to be developed and implemented is a Simulink toolbox and a stand-alone tool, depending on the specific client requirements. The tool will deliver synthetically generated test scenarios that go beyond commonly known scenarios. It will identify errors in tested software and will suggest corrections to the users.

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