Tes, a cancer-associated LIM-domain protein and novel actin nucleator with a dual function in the cytoplasm and the nucleus


CALL: 2010

DOMAIN: BM - Life Sciences, Biology and Medicine

FIRST NAME: Elisabeth

LAST NAME: Schaffner-Reckinger



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg


START: 2011-01-01

END: 2014-12-31

WEBSITE: https://www.uni.lu

Submitted Abstract

The project relies in part on the 3D-migration platform running in thegroup of the Ugent promoter. The current system is running nearlyevery day for other projects running in the UGent research groups ofpromoter and collaborator Van Troys who developed the platform.There is a significant demand from neighboring groups to use thecurrent system and, upon presenting the system, we get many requestsfor collaborations from groups outside our department. We anticipatethat in future the current system will also be occupied constantly.Therefore we request a budget for the second IX microscope. Thisincludes upgrade from non-motorized to motorized, an incubator withtemperature and CO2 conrol, and a necessary upgrade from the software(controlling the XY stage and the incubator. Upgrading of this phasecontrast microscope will double our throughput in migration/invasionassays. A higher throughput is needed in the project since we will oftenassay 2 cell lines (HeLa/T47D) expressing various constructs (Tes,TesD9, TesDPET, TesD9DPET, TesCR, (de)phosphor variants, …)under multiple conditions (stimulated versus unstimulated, matrixvariation, …) in different migration modes (2D/3D).

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