Treatment Of BIogas digestate and for accrued Agricultural Sustainability

SCHEME: Industrial Fellowships

CALL: 2016

DOMAIN: SR - Environmental and Earth Sciences




INDUSTRY / PPP PARTNER: Ama Mundu Technologies


KEYWORDS: anaerobic digestiondigestatemembrane filtrationvacuum evaporationLCA

START: 2016-11-01

END: 2018-10-31


Submitted Abstract

In the transition from fossil to a bio-based economy, it has become an important challenge to maximally recuperate and recycle valuable nutrients coming from manure and digestate processing. This project aims at evaluating and testing membrane filtration and vacuum evaporation as valuable technologies to separate nutrients in easily transportable and high-value concentrates and solids which could be re-used as green fertilizers, in the meantime of reducing digestate volume storage. Key issue of the research is to increase economic and environmental viability of industrial biogas plants by reducing digestates volume and convert it into transportable and valuable bio-fertilizer, thus reducing costs inherent to digestate storage and management. The research project will be realized in a tripartite partnership between Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST), ENOVOS, an energy provider owning several biogas plants facing digestate management difficulties, and Ama Mundu Technologies, a startup company developing innovative membrane filtration systems for manure and digestate treatment. Digestates from height industrial biogas plants of ENOVOS will be treated by membrane filtration (no heat available) and vacuum evaporation (heat available) systems in order to separate water, ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in digestates. Separation rate and energetic efficiency as well as treatment limitations will be investigated with the intention of optimizing treatment cost and efficiency. Life cycle assessment (LCA) will be realized based on the compiled data for the environmental evaluation of the proposed technologies. The research is structured as follow: i) characterization of digestates from height ENOVOS biogas plants in Belgium and Germany, ii) filtration testing of digestates with vacuum evaporation and membrane filtration independently, iii) digestate filtration by combination of vacuum evaporation and membrane filtration and, iv) economic and environmental (LCA) analysis based on the generated data for one biogas plant of ENOVOS and selection of the most appropriate digestate treatment system.

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