TTO 2.0 – Leader


CALL: 2015

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies


LAST NAME: Ottersten



HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Valorisation, Entrepreneurship Environment, Coaching, Mentoring, international Network, Teambuilding, Strategy, TTO, Management, Business development, Spin-offs, Licensing, Contract Research

START: 2016-07-01

END: 2018-06-30


Submitted Abstract

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) started a pilot project to setup and implement a Technology Transfer Office structure (TTO) as a showcase for the University of Luxembourg about 18 months ago.With the financial support from the FNR, experienced external experts analyzed best practices for successful international TTO structures at other universities, and developed a strategy for a customized Luxembourg solution.SnT successfully started to implement this strategy. The current TTO team consists of two part time employees from the University of Luxembourg and three external experts. Since early 2014, the SnT industrial partnership program has been further elaborated, four technology transfer incubation projects have been approved for the FNR Proof of Concept program, and one spin-off has been created as a result of the TTO pilot framework.Today the TTO structure is however still in an embryonic stage. Within SnT alone, over 80 R&D projects have been identified for continuous monitoring and evaluation for their technology transfer potential and funding status. In addition, complementary spin-off teams have to be built and coached, relationships with industry partners and investors need to be established and maintained to foster the envisaged climate in which technology transfer activities can flourish.Therefore the SnT seeks to apply for funding to hire dedicated leadership to transition from pilot to fully functional TTO, by further implementing and elaborating the envisaged strategy.

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