University of Luxembourg (UL) Entrepreneurship Training Program


CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: LE - Law, Economics, Finance





HOST INSTITUTION: University of Luxembourg

KEYWORDS: Entrepreneurship TrainingTransversal skillset developmentUndergraduate, master and doctoral training

START: 2017-08-01

END: 2019-07-31


Submitted Abstract

Although, Luxembourg enjoys a strong economy, a rapidly growing top university, and high-skilled professionals, nevertheless, OECD stresses the need to dramatically foster the entrepreneurial profile of the nation, to boost a closer cooperation between research and industrial sectors, and to improve returns and impact of science, Thus, the University of Luxembourg (UL) has adopted entrepreneurship as a priority for the Vision 2020. UL firmly believes that entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, doing and being that can be applied to almost every aspect of work and life. It is an exercise in self-expression, team building and problem solving in order to ensure value creation. The study and practice of entrepreneurship helps individuals develop important personal skills in areas such as creativity and leadership, and build self-confidence. Concepts and methods entrepreneurs rely upon (such as opportunity recognition, value creation, design thinking and project/start-up management) can be applied throughout one’s professional career even as an intrapreneur. Therefore, it is extremely important for UL to encourage and promote entrepreneurship training (as an essential transversal skill) and active practice across all facets of its research, education, training and innovation activities. To ensure UL meets is goals for the vision 2020, UL has prepared a structured framework methodology aiming to develop a living learning entrepreneurial community. In preparation for launch of a pan-UL entrepreneurship training and support program (from 2018-2021), the UL Rectorate would like to initiate pilot programs under this KITS proposal to understand the needs across UL for supporting the wide range of entrepreneurial ideas and activities currently spread across various departments. UL firmly believes that entrepreneurship skills can be taught and are a must acquire skillset that UL wants to empower their students and researchers with.

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