WIDE mentoring programme


CALL: 2017

DOMAIN: IS - Information and Communication Technologies


LAST NAME: Andrieu



HOST INSTITUTION: Women in Digital Initiatives Luxembourg asbl


START: 2017-06-01

END: 2018-05-31


Submitted Abstract

Girls & women have a strong interest in new technologies, digital and computer science. Girls consume and use websites, apps, video games as much as men & boy but are less often the creators of these new technologies and computer programs.Indeed strong stereotypes are discouraging young girls to pursue their interest in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths); Moreover, lack of supportive environment (home, school, peers), lack of relevant information & absence of role models are real challenges to close the existing gender gap. Female must be encouraged and get better access the excellent opportunities offered in the digital and computer science field.This programme aim to play an active role in the active orientation of girls in Luxembourg and of future talents in the strategic field of new technologies and computer science. Indeed, one of the WIDE priorities for 2017 / 2018 is to develop its work in the education sector, especially reaching a younger audience at a crucial age where career choices are made. To do so the activities must be inspirational, fun and engaging for the girls. The University of Luxembourg is a main partner for the project. This project is also design to be a successful example to involve a large network of high school students, teachers, educators, researchers & industry professionals, both men & women.The project activities include:- A major awareness raising event will take place at the University in Esch / Belval campus and is set to take place take place in October or November 2017. 50 girls, 50 adults, educators, stakeholders and volunteers are expected to attend. -A mentoring programme for girls to access better representation of the reality in the workplace. Being mentored allow girls to be valued and can increase motivation & confidence. The mentors also act as role models for the girls – Two specific hands on workshops, Rasberry Pi Jam style, for the girls and mentors involved in the mentoring programme

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