Scientific fields come together as Luxembourg hosts ‘Twisted’ conference

From 10 – 12 May, the University of Luxembourg hosted the two-day conference ‘Twisted’. Organised by ERC grantee and CORE PI Prof Dr Jan Lagerwall and Prof Dr Tanja Schilling, the interdisciplinary conference brought together experts from fields ranging from chemical engineering to biology, to discuss topics such as future applications for cellulose nanorods.

The ‘Twisted’ Conference brought together participants from various backgrounds

The conference, held from Wednesday 10 May to Friday 12 May, was organised as part of Prof Dr Jan Lagerwall’s and Prof Dr Tanja Schilling’s CORE project ‘Materials Innovation with Self-Ordered NanoCellulose: from fundamental physics of self-assembly to realization of commercially appealing functional films’ (MISONANCE).

Lagerwall is a Professor in the Physics and Materials Science Research Unit at the University of Luxembourg, also home to FNR ATTRACT Fellows Philip Dale, Massimiliano Esposito, Alex Redinger and Thomas Schmidt.

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